Gamers Cottage aims to boost the Finnish ESports scene to become the best in the world! This is achievable, we are already considered one of the best producing games. Now if you take into account how small the country is. It is no small feat.


Now focus is on creating an overall ESport training. Our first event (Bootcamp) is for Overwatch players, who want to become pro. Especially the ones that haven't yet experienced playing in a team.

Who are we?

We are two young entrepreneurs. Both of us have played lots of different ESports games as a hobby, but never with such passion and dedication needed to become pro or even semi-pro. Then we wanted to become entrepreneurs and create something of our own.

What drives us?

These amazing people that I get to work with is the key reason we keep doing this even if we fail many times over. We have gotten a massive support from our friends, family and ESports community. We thank all of the parties involved!

Upcoming events

How to become Pro gamer?

In every event, you will need to register, bring your mouse & keyboard and start gaming! We will provide coaches, gaming equipment and food. We might also have something extra for you coming to experience the environment of serious gaming.

Discord Community

We have our own discord channel for the aspiring pro gamers!